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Things to know

Congratulations on booking your new tattoo appointment! Make sure to bring a valid ID with you to your appointment. Here is some more information about my policies.

Deposit Policy

All tattoo deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable


For multi-session tattoos, the deposit will be held as payment towards the last session of the tattoo.


  • Deposits are required to hold your tattoo appointment place in my books and the entire deposit amount goes towards your final tattoo appointment. Deposit amounts are as follows.

  • $100 ~ Non- Full day appointments 


  • $200~ Full-day appointments



A deposit will also be forfeited in the case of:

  • You do not appear for a tattoo appointment;


  • You cancel or reschedule an appointment without giving at least 48 hours notice;


  • You arrive more than 15 minutes late to a tattoo appointment;


  • You reschedule 2 or more times for any sessions of the same tattoo, regardless of notice;


  • You fail to reschedule a new appointment within 30 days of a cancelled appointment;


  • You arrive to a tattoo appointment under the influence of drugs or alcohol


Upon paying a deposit you acknowledge that you have read the policy and agree to the terms.





Eat Something!

This is probably the most important preparation you can do. Eating helps you relax and get comfortable for the tattoo. If you are sitting for a longer appointment, you may want to bring a small snack with you. Eating also helps to keep your blood sugar normal. Low blood pressure can contribute to a risk of passing out, so eat up! Just don’t drink up. You may think that getting drunk will give you “liquid courage” to get tattooed, but I cannot legally tattoo you if you are under the influence. Permanent choices are better made when sober.


Get Some Rest

Being well rested will also help keep you comfortable for your tattoo. You may be more irritable or find it harder to sit still if you are tired. Plan ahead so you are rested (and on time) for your appointment!


Wear Appropriate Clothing

Wear something that allows easy access to the part of the body you want to get tattooed. For example, if you are getting your leg tattooed, you may want to bring a pair of shorts to change into when you get to the shop.


No Sunburns

You will want to stay out of the sun before and after you get tattooed. Tattooing over a sunburn may not heal well because your skin is irritated to begin with. Try to stay out of the sun and it will help the outcome of your tattoo.

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